THE SHOW MUST GO ON - Junior Members Update! 

Dear All, 
We are very pleased to confirm that our first full cast rehearsal will take place this Sunday 4th July 2-6pm at Offenham Village hall.

To ensure everyone’s safety we have to insist the following COVID-19 rules are followed by all attending:

* Adhere to social distancing throughout the rehearsal.
* Wear a face mask when not in the performance area (unless medically exempt).
* Sanitise hands when entering the rehearsal building and at regular intervals.
* Temperature checks will be taken on arrival.
* Follow the one-way system in place when arriving at the rehearsal venue.
* We also ask that parents/carers who wish to accompany their child to the signing in part of the rehearsal to wear face masks, and to exit ASAP via the one-way system.
We can’t wait to see all our junior members on Sunday! If you have any questions about the rehearsal process, please email us at this address: 

Best wishes,
TSMGO Production Team 

Dick Whittington- Panto Update! 

Following the most recent update from the government and with the next easing of restrictions now delayed until 19th July, Phoenix have had to reconsider when we can safely hold Auditions keeping within the regulations as they stand.
Unfortunately the current regulations WILL NOT allow us to hold a workshop and audition next Sunday as planned. We have considered all possible options but feel postponement to a date after the easing of lockdown on 19th July is now necessary.

We’re determined to cast the show sooner rather than later, so Auditions will now take place on Sunday 1st August 2021. We intend to run the workshop beforehand starting at 11am prompt. Following a short lunch break auditions will commence at 1.30pm until 5.30pm.
We appreciate some of you may be away on holiday on the 1st August. If this is the case email us at and we will organise a time and date to audition you individually sometime in July. (This is only for those who cannot attend due to holiday commitments please.)
As a reminder, Audition Day information and how to audition for a main part, is listed here. If you want to be in the chorus and can’t attend on the 1st August again please email, stating your name and aged to: We will then be in touch with you to advise of rehearsal dates etc in due course.

On completion of the audition process we will advise those at the theatre of the successful cast listing, or phone those who are unavailable that day and advise of the outcome of castings.

Phoenix will follow the regulations to the letter and everyone’s safety is paramount. If you have any questions with regards to the Audition process or safety concerns please contact Keith Norledge on 07773337108.
All details and audition pieces can be found here

Stay Safe,

The Panto Production Team

Our storage unit fire- update!


You may have seen in the Evesham local press that on Sunday 30th May 2021 a major fire engulfed our storage unit at Murcot. We have stored the entirety of Phoenix’s possessions at the unit for over fourteen years; this included many thousands of pounds of technical equipment, hundreds and hundreds of costumes, props and sets. Unfortunately, everything within the unit was destroyed during the fire, along with another four business units attached to ours. The fire was declared a major incident and took over ten fire engines to get under control.


Since news broke of the fire, we have been inundated with extremely kind, generous offers of help, gifts and well wishes. It is lovely to know how much the group means to people in the local community and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has reached out to us in the last two weeks.


The group's management committee are working extremely hard to ensure that Phoenix is able to rise from the ashes and produce our next production- The Show Must Go On! In October 2021-Tickets are on sale for this now!


If you are keen to offer your help to the group at this difficult time then please do email: although best way to support us, is to buy tickets and come and see our upcoming productions.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON - Junior Members Update! 

The production team are very excited to announce 3 new ‘workshop’ style rehearsals taking place on Monday 14th, 21st 28th June from 7-9pm at Aston Somerville Village Hall.


Officially our rehearsals will start as planned on 4th July from 2-6pm at Offenham Village Hall. The new workshop style rehearsals will be a chance to meet those wishing to be in the production and informally have a go at singing and dancing some of the songs from the show.


Please do not worry if you’re unable to join us for the workshops. They are optional and attendance will not impact on opportunities within the show! As previously stated, we will not be holding formal auditions on the 4th July. We will instead be trying to accommodate as many cast members as possible for each song- depending on numbers and the theming of the song.


Please be aware that everyone’s safety during rehearsals is our absolute priority. We are therefore asking everyone attending rehearsals to please follow these COVID-19 rules:


  • Adhere to social distancing throughout the rehearsal time.
  • Wear a facemask when not in the performance area (unless medically exempt).
  • Sanitise hands when entering the rehearsal building and at regular intervals.
  • Temperature checks will be taken on arrival.
  • Follow the one-way system in place when arriving at the rehearsal venue.
  • We also ask that parents/carers who wish to accompany their child to the signing in part of the rehearsal to wear facemasks, and to exit ASAP via the one-way system.


If you can attend the workshops, please email or to confirm your attendance. 


We look forward to seeing everyone on either Monday 14th June at 7pm at Aston Somerville or 2pm at Offenham Village Hall on Sunday 4th July.


Best wishes,


Nat, Mike, Greg- October 2021 TSMGO- Junior Members Production Team

THE SHOW MUST GO ON - Rehearsal Info! 


The production team are working very hard to bring the show to The Henrician Theatre Stage on 8-9th October 2021.

If you haven’t already emailed: to express your interest in joining the cast, please do ASAP!


We are looking forward to seeing as many Junior members as possible at Offenham Village Hall on Sunday 4th July at 2pm! Where our rehearsals for this exciting new show will begin. *


We intend to rehearse on Monday nights at Aston Somerville 7-9pm (Required cast members will be notified nearer the time) and Sunday afternoons at Offenham from 2pm - 5.30pm for 3 weeks prior to the summer break. Then restarting rehearsals in early September at Offenham, moving to The Henrician later in the month. 

Further information will be posted here so please keep checking! 


See you all soon!


October 2021 Production Team

* Phoenix Theatre Group are following the latest government coronavirus guidelines and safety measures will be in place to ensure everyone’s safety during the rehearsals and performances. * 


If you are interested in auditioning for the roles below- Please email to confirm your attendance.


The show will run from the 19th to 23rd January 2022 at The Henrician Theatre (Formerly known as Evesham Arts Centre).

Auditions will take place on Sunday 27th June 2021 at The Henrician Theatre, with a workshop from 11.00 am which will cover singing and dancing for the show, plus an overview of the show, the schedule and also what happens in auditions later in the day.

Breaking at 12.30/12.45 for a short lunch break will see auditions commence at 1.30 pm.

You will be able to audition for a maximum of 2 parts, due to time limitations, but will be considered for other parts if you so wish.

Listed below are the charater parts with a brief desciption, along with audition pieces for each character. Some parts require you to sing a solo/duet. If this is the case you will be expected to sing the song we will have practiced in the morning workshop session.

Character parts are as follows:

Dolly Doolittle - Panto Dame and cook. Male.(SINGING)

Alderman Fitzwarren - Father of Alice. Male Comedy part 

Percy Partridge - A wimpy man. Male comedy part (SINGING)

Alice Fitzwarren - Dick's love interest. Female (SINGING)

Dick Whittington - Our hero. Male (SINGING)

Tommy the cat - Non speaking part. Male/female youth part.

Walter Winkle - Dollys assistant. Male comedy part 

King Rat - Villian of the panto. Male/Female 

Fairy Snow - The good fairy. Female (SINGING)

Joshua Bilge - Sea Captain. Male/Female

The Mate - Sea captain's mate. Male/Female

Princess Taffeta - Princess of Morocco. Female

There are other small role sthat will be allocated either on the Audition day or 1st Rehearsal.


Please note: Only the following parts will need to sing at auditions. Song to be sung is listed next to the Characters name along with the artist. Please use YouTube to practice the song:


Alice Fitzwarren;  Somewhere Oer the Rainbow (Judy Garland)


Alice/Dick Whittington; Together Forever (Rick Astley)



Dolly Doolitte          : All to sing You Cant Stop the Beat - from Hairsray The Musical

Percy partridge


Dick Whittington Audtion piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [15.0 KB]
Dolly Doolittle Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.1 KB]
Alderman Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.0 KB]
Alice Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.1 KB]
Captain Bilge.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.3 KB]
King Rat and FAiry Audition pieces.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [16.0 KB]
Percy Partridge Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.4 KB]
Princess Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.0 KB]
The Mate Audition Piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.9 KB]
Walter Winkle Audition piece.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.9 KB]

What commitment do I need to be in the show?

The commitment to the show is as follows: 

Rehearsals: Every Sunday at Offenham Village Hall starting 17th October 2021 from 2pm -5.30pm until Sunday 19th December 2021 for full cast. Occassional Monday evening rehearsals at Aston Sommerville Village hall 7-9pm for principal cast/choreoraphy from Monday 18th October as required. 

Rehearsals recommence on Sunday 2nd January 2022 at The Henrician Theatre with additional rehearsals from the 14th January, to showtime of 19th January.

If you cannot commit to attend please do not audition. As a group we operate a policy of 3 rehearsals per production as the maximum allowable for pre-planned absences. You will be asked to leave the production if more are missed.

                       Are there any limitations to the number in the cast?

Dependant on the numbers that apply to perform it may be necessary to limit numbers in the chorus. The cast will be advised of any decisions taken once we know how many we need to accommodate.

Phoenix stand committed to give everyone the opportunity to participate in live theatre and we will do everything in our power to continue with this aim.

If you’re still interested read on…


                                                 What happens next?

Auditions for all on Sunday 27th June 2021 at The Henrician.

If you are unfortunate not to get a main part you will still have the opportunity to take part in the chorus.

If you have any questions on the above please call Keith Norledge, the Producer, on 0777 333 7108 or email: to answer any questions.

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Email: musicals@phoenixtheatregroup for more information on our 2021 Autumn Musical Production 

Shrek The Musical

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